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Role of the Board of Trustees

All of New Zealand’s state and state-integrated schools have a board of trustees. The board of trustees is the Crown entity responsible for the governance and the control of the management of the school. The board is the employer of all staff in the school, is responsible for setting the school’s strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff and students, and ensuring that its school provides a safe environment and quality education for all its students. Boards are also responsible for overseeing the management of personnel, curriculum, property, finance and administration.

Our Board has a total of 11 Trustees; 5 elected parent representatives, 4 trustees appointed by the Archbishop, 1 elected staff representative and the Principal. Elections are held every three years.

Meet the Board


Steve Wheeler was appointed as Principal in 2014

Parent Representatives

James O’Connor was reappointed to the board in 2019 (Chairperson)
– BOT chairperson email:

Michael Murphy was reappointed to the Board in June 2019
Scott Andrew was appointed to the Board in June 2019

Proprietors Appointees

Ryan Soriano was reappointed by the Archbishop in June 2019
Fr Bruce England was reappointed by the Archbishop in June 2019
Dr Claire Hills was appointed by the Archbishop in June 2019
Hellen Johnston was reappointed by the Archbishop in June 2019

Staff Representative

Terri-Ann Coltham was appointed in June 2019

2020 BOT meeting dates:

Term 1: 26 February & 1 April
Term 2: 20 May & 24 June
Term 3: 12 August & 16 September
Term 4: 4 November & 9 December