About us

St Patrick’s School is an Integrated Primary School for girls and boys from New Entrants to Year 6, offering education with a special Catholic character. The Brigidine Sisters founded the original school over one hundred years ago and taught in the school until 1995. A close relationship exists between the school, St Patrick’s church community and the Catholic Parish of the Wairarapa. Our school is situated within the town of Masterton and the makeup of our students reflect the diversity of a family, friendly, rural town community.

St. Patrick’s School Mission Statement

‘Preparing for the future in a Catholic Environment’

Our aim is to prepare students at St Patrick’s school to be Catholic citizens who can participate and contribute to our ever changing world. The future will require them to be lifelong learners, to be creative and complex problem solvers, have strong interpersonal skills, work with diverse teams of people and to be able to synthesise and create information.

We want to provide an education that children can engage in and connect with personally, that connects with their learning, as well as with their own personal language, culture and identity.

Special Catholic Character

The Catholic Character of St Patrick’s School is something that makes our school special.  Students develop and build on their spirituality throughout their time at St Patrick’s School. During their spiritual journey with us, we want them to foster the development of our school and Gospel values and learn to be loving and non-judgemental Christians. In doing this they are encouraged to be responsible for being stewards of the church, school community and planet Earth.

Our Vision

‘Learners who show love for God’s creation and are the best they can be’

Our Values

STRENGTH / KAHA: making good choices to do what is right and when it is hard, be prepared to try again

KINDNESS / ATAWHAI : being caring and thoughtful towards the needs of myself, others & creation

EXCELLENCE / KAIRANGI: taking responsibility for being the best we can be, in everything we do

School Motto

‘Strength & Kindness’

Our school motto has its foundation with the Brigidine Sisters and is evident in the words and actions of our children. They live strength and kindness through our virtues which are taken from the fruits of the Holy Spirit.