Parent Information

Nau Mai Haere Mai

Welcome to our parent information page where we hope to answer all those little questions that you might have. If there is anything else you need to know, use the contact page, ask your child’s class teacher or the friendly staff in the office

Our School Day

8.30am First bell rings for entry into the school (prior to this children must wait at the top of the hill)
8.55am School starts
11.00am Morning break
11.40am End of morning break
1.10pm Lunch
1.50pm End of lunch
3.00pm School finishes

Safety First

Please use the wide path between the grass spaces for entering and leaving the school. We ask that parents do not drive up the driveway unless prior arrangement is made. School patrol operates between 8.30am – 8.50am and 3.00pm – 3.15pm. Gates must be kept closed during school time.

Walking Bus

The Walking Bus operates on a Wednesday morning. Supervision is from 8.20am and leaves for school at 8.30am. Please check the newsletter each week for the departure place.

Late Children/Appointments

Children who arrive at school after 8.55am need to sign in by filling in the late book in the office. Children leaving the school during school hours need to be signed out by an adult and signed in again on their return.


Please advise the school if your child is away and the reason, by either leaving a message on the school answerphone or sending a text to 0273398809. style=”font-family: helvetica; font-size: 16px;”>In the case of an unexplained absence the parent/caregiver will be contacted by text or phone.


The whole school comes together on every second Friday at 9.00am for assembly. This is a time to pray together, sing and share student achievements. All classes with the exception of the New Entrant class, take turns to present assembly. All whanau are welcome.


On Wednesday morning classes take turns to attend Mass at St Patrick’s Church and the whole school participates in Masses regularly each term. All whanau are welcome to attend the service at 9.15am. In the winter the Parish Priests visits each class at school to lead a class mass.

Parent Help

There are lots of opportunities for parents to help within the school. Talk to your child’s teacher or syndicate leader if you would like to contribute.

  • Help in your child’s class.
  • Parent Tutor in Reading Programme (PTR)
  • School Trips
  • New entrant Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP)
  • Whole school Arts Programme
  • PTA (Fundraising group)
  • Board of Trustees (BOT)
School Activity Fees

We would like to encourage families to set up an Automatic Payment to cover extra activities during the year, details can be obtained by contacting the school. Alternatively, payments can be made by internet transfer to 12-3290-0044979-00 using your child’s name as a reference or at the school office by cash or cheque. Fees will be requested through the newsletter, trip notices or by invoice.

School Complaints Procedure

There are clear procedures for the handling of complaints and guidelines to help resolve complaints.


Complaints may be discussed with:

  • The class teacher
  • The syndicate leader
  • The principal or deputy principal (in the principal’s absence)
  • The chairperson of the board of trustees or a board of trustee member.

Concerns re Children’s Progress:

  1. The complaint is discussed with the classroom teacher
  2. The complaint is discussed with the syndicate leader
  3. The complaint is discussed and put in writing to the principal
  4. If there is no progress the complaint is put in writing to the BOT
  5. Any written complaints are acknowledged in writing

Concerns re Staff:

  1. The complaint is put in writing to the principal
  2. The principal investigates and the teacher or staff member is told of the complaint and given a copy of the letter
  3. The staff member is given the opportunity to reply
  4. The principal reports to the BOT
  5. The principal reports in writing to the complainant

Concerns re Principal:

  1. The complaint is put in writing to the chairperson of the BOT
  2. The principal is told of the complaint and given a copy of the letter
  3. The principal is given the opportunity to reply
  4. The chairperson reports to a full BOT meeting on the complaint and investigation, if any.
  5. The BOT reports in writing to the complaint on action taken and subsequent outcomes

All communications are treated as confidential to the parties concerned